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Keep the R3VOLution Going<br>by Marc Stevens

• Adventures in Legalland
If the Ron Paul revolution is really about the message of freedom, freedom of each individual man and woman, then let’s keep the momentum going and start doing things that will really bring that about.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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The "Ron Paul Revolution" is about "Signs".
Ron Paul had several chances to pin McCain on the ropes and knock him out...he did nothing.
Ron Paul supporters have yet to find the nerve to confront "John McCain",live,in person,in front of the entire nation,But! they do have many signs.
If these 'Sign Makers" are so interested in our future,why have they stood back and watched McCain lie his way to the White House without ONE (1) word,or,action to expose McCain for what he really is?
Take all our you "Sings" ,set down and say to your signs, "Sign! McCain is a two faced,lying communist.Please! tell us what your signs reply was.