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What Most Didn't Get When a BLM Cofounder Said: "We are trained Marxists"


It appears that most focused on the claim that they were Marxists. Well, anybody who studied their website for more than five minutes would have figured that out. What should have been focused on was that she said the founders were trained Marxists.

By this, she meant they have been trained in Marxist-Leninist strategy and tactics.

This is the big disclosure. It tells you an awful lot as to what the current opposition to liberty lovers is really about. These people are extremely focused on gaining power and are ruthless. Most of the radical lefties really don't know what is going on. Only the elite of the "trained" Marxist-Lenninsts do.

I urge you all to listen to the interview (1 hour and 4 minutes) below with Professor Gary Saul Morson about the strategic thought of Vladamir Lenin. It will blow your mind.

When Cullors says the BLM co-founders are trained Marxists, this interview tells you what that really means.