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The 'Great Reset' -- the Animal Farm version

• The American Thinker

Currently, transnational globalists are pushing for a "Great Reset."  It helps to understand what's coming at us if you remember that the globalist's mindset is akin to a zookeeper's.  Currently, the zookeepers have their animals safely confined, but there remains a modicum of hope that the animals can liberate themselves.

First some context.  History is replete with ideologies that seek to save people either from themselves or a foreign contagion.  Until recently, this impulse, as the 20th century shows, has taken the form of political ideologies.

For those espousing Marxism, the ideology sought to cleanse a people from the errors and machinations of the past.  When the new ideas prevailed, even if only briefly, the alleged salvation from historical, social, and economic maladies required a reset of just about everything.  More often than not, the reset was accompanied by a sea of blood and violence.  The objects of salvation (the people) often died or ended up in the same circumstances or were worse off.

I'm referring to communism, fascism, and National Socialism.