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Best Value Inverter, All-in-one MPPT Solar Charger, Growatt SPF5000ES, Part 1

• David Poz - YouTube

Part 1, Testing and Review of Growatt SPF5000ES
This is just my first part of my testing and review of the Growatt SPF5000ES inverter/charger.  This is an all in one unit with a 5kw inverter, 80 amp AC charger, 100 amp solar MPPT charge controller.  It's a great value at only $900 at the time of this video.

This is a 48v inverter/charger made for off grid use.  You can use the grid for charging your batteries as a backup, but not for back-feeding the grid. It's single phase, 240v AC only.  So you will need a transformer if you want to get 120/240v split phase out of this.  I'll go into more details on the split phase in an upcoming video.

This is the best value, cheapest, inverter I've tested so far.  Yes, it's cheap at $900 for all the components you get.  In future videos I'll continue testing to see how well it holds up.  

I bought this from Signature Solar.  Please use discount code DAVIDPOZ for 5% off your order.  I'm in the affiliate program so if you use this code it will also help out the channel.