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We Appreciate Your Support

Over the past year some of you likev@beunconstrained and others have given tangibly to @Studio8424 for our efforts. We have a lot of ambitious plans and to date, one if the biggest ideas was the #Flotevan which we accomplished in time for #FloteFest #FloteFest2021.

And while all of us are being attacked by corporations, governments and $HNW individuals, we are still operating our independent businesses.

After #LRN #LibertyRadioNetwork was attacked I had to ask myself if I was going to have to be "That Guy" as in Bruce Willis in Die Hard and make serious breakthroughs to help all of us when it comes to #Flotecasting and OTA over-the-air Syndication, not simply stream syndication.

Considering the #Event201 video last year, they want to Stop the Signal. No clearer real life example than the FBI/IRS raid on #LRN which directly impacted my affiliate because the source of my channel was attacked. No they did not come to my office.

My efforts may be accelerating to Syndicate #Flotecasters by establishing a Syndication station that will receive channels here on #Flote on various OTA stations. We intend to bring @Flote right along with us.

This means we will create or help create Advertising, News, Programming and Scheduling, Drag-and-drop #Flotecasts to over-the-air Broadcasts in various markets, and even help establish new OTA stations that deliver these.

The things we could not resolve for LRN have opened us up to see this opportunity more clearly and we are working out how to connect the dots.

We are still doing #FloteMiles and expect to promote @Flote and Free Speech wherever we go.

Meanwhile we think we can expand the #Flotevan to others around the country and of course be deployed to attend various events.

Other businesses on Flote may wish to wrap vehicles in various cities and we know now that we can make that happen.

So we have a lot to accomplish in the coming years while we avoid the jab and continue to live our lives as natural breathing humans.

We have already shown for our part in the first year, that we can operate an Always-on #Flotecaster accessible by Bluetooth Radio and Smart TV browser, and we inspired others to do the same!

So will you help us? Something tells me this takes more than my resources to do this. We could sure use your help.

If you would like to give tangibly we are doing this through various crypto and you can let us know so we can accept it from you. Of course you can give through our Flote account but if you have other crypto we can probably make that work as well.



Mark Watson