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American supporters of gun control point to Australia as a fine "solution" to stop mass sh

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It was less than two weeks after the massacre that all six Australian states agreed to enact the same sweeping gun legislation that made it far harder for prospective gun owners to obtain a firearm, including a twenty-eight-day waiting period. The law also banned all semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns, while Australia instituted a nationwide mandatory buyback of all the guns that were banned. A market value benchmark was determined to compensate gun owners for the loss of their loss of property.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Americans against gun control points to the 1st and 4th Amendments. The 4th gives and/or protects our rights to private property. The 1st gives and protects our rights to travel. If we couldn't travel with our property, we'd have to travel naked. And that is exactly why we have the right to travel with out property. "They" want to call them guns, and among themselves they can. But we call them property, because they belong to us, so we can call them what we want, and we don't have to call them by "their" names. But if there is any doubt, the 9th Amendment says that we have other rights besides those given us in the Constitution. Which other rights? Any rights we want, as long as we harm nobody, don't directly threaten him, and don't damage his property. If we are called out by government, all we have to do is state that we are exercising our 'whatever' rights. If they go against their Oath of Office, sue them and make them pay.