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Why is this new battery "The Gamechanger" from Battle Born

• David Poz - YouTube

Comparison video between Battle Borns flagship battery (12v 100ah) to their brand new battery (12v 270ah). Why is this new one so special? Both are sealed batteries, water resistant. Both have LiFePO4 cells (lithium iron phosphate). Both are 12v. The new one just looks more expensive per kwh.

Update: I made a mistake in the spreadsheet. When I did my conversion from cubic inches to cubic feet I divided by the area factor, not volume factor. The cubic feet volume of the original battle born should read 0.46, and the new model 1.23. Both have the same volume to kwh ratio of 0.38 cu.ft./kwh. Sorry for the mistake, Thank you to David James for pointing it out to me in the comments.