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100 Shoppers Became Hostages in a NY Protest. Here's How to Survive in a Protest Turned

• Organic Prepper - by Terry Trahan

Last week, the Daily Wire shared a story from Rochester, NY, about BLM activists marching through town and ending up at a Wegmans grocery store, shutting it down and trapping 100 shoppers inside. Leaving any political thoughts and commentary out of it, I think it is evident this is a severe escalation of direct action and a potentially dangerous situation.

After this story was forwarded to me, I searched the media outlets. I did not see this story mentioned anywhere the majority of people would get their news. Going back to an earlier article I wrote about information sources, this shows how little faith we should put into MSM to make actionable plans.

UPDATE: Wegmans posted a tweet Tuesday afternoon informing the public that customers were allowed out of the store, though it remains closed.

"Our East Ave. store in Rochester, NY is currently closed due to protest activity taking place outside of the store," the tweet said. "At this time, no customers remain in the store, and the doors will remain closed. Our number one priority is the safety of our employees and customers."

Hostage-taking as a form of protest is STILL hostage-taking

Plain and simple.

This potentially very dangerous situation will mark a change. In both direct actions taken by activist a**holes and in how we engage and respond. It is a felony criminal act and we need to treat it as such. In case you do not follow this kind of thing, this is a favorite technique of terrorist organizations.