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Ernest Hancock on 92.3 FM KTAR's Jay Lawrence Show in Phoenix Tonight at 7pm

• KTAR - Jay Lawrence Show 92.3 FM

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Comment by Mike Shipley
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As a witness to the train wreck that was this radio show**Q**s call-in portion, I can vouch that Jon**Q**s call was pretty much the only coherent, on-topic comment that was made.

Unfortunately, like Brock, I missed the actual Ernie part. :-(

Comment by Jon Marino
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I missed it, but I called in later... twice.

I was called a puritan once per call and even
got compared to **QQ**the first guest**QQ** (Ernie)

My second position was along the lines that can**Q**t
we call McCain a conservative when he votes like a
liberal (sited the Amnesty plan and No Child Left
Behind) WHEN he gets around to voting.

He wants to continue the spending over seas
when we have a dollar crisis. He**Q**s supposed to
be this hot shot economist, but he didn**Q**t know about
President**Q**s working group on financial markets is and
all he did was name drop. I told him that I**Q**m not
interested in a name dropper as a candidate.

I told him that all of these candidates are talking about
all this spending, but they**Q**re not talking about the root
of the Federal Reserve. He told me that I had to just
accept it and stop trying to change what I can**Q**t change.
I informed him how Un-American that is. The I reminded
him that Jefferson was against the banks and Jackson
put an end to the Bank for 75 years. I also reminded him
that a central bank is the 5th plank.

He let me talk for a while. It was great.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Crap. Pacific v. mountain time strikes again. .mp3?

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