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Installing Vents & Working on the Solar Room in Our Shipping Containers

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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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One nice thing to see here is the circular saw with the metal cutting blade. I tried everything else. The torch, the grinder, the sawzall. These all induce tool-throwing spitting rage. The sawzall turned out to be particularly useless with the container wall bouncing like a trampoline. The circ gives you the control and the power you need. Don't hesitate to make guides out of 2x4s if you struggle to control it. The initial cuts are "plunge cuts" so you have to get good at that. Be safe!

Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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One hazard of owning a shipping container is constant jealousy at people who have the budget to follow their wildest dreams. Framing out and insulating the interior went from $OK no problem to $LOLWTF. Patience is the great equalizer. Our culture throws away practically everything I have ever needed. There's also a great case to be make for prototyping our roughing out your interior layout. I'm on my 3rd layout. It's all about gaining efficiency. Overall I'm insanely happy in my box.