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"It's Work-To-Live, Not Live-To-Work" - San Francisco Expats Say They Have No Regrets.

•, by Tyler Durden

As moe and more Silicon Valley tech workers decamp for Austin, more are finding that they appreciate the capital of the Lone Star State more than the City by the Bay. As Austin comes to represent a "land of opportunity" for tech bros tired of the Silicon Valley ultra-liberal monoculture, the Houston Chronicle interviewed five "tech industry professionals" including Salesforce alums who have worked in both places, to the CEO of Austin's premier tech incubator. The consensus is that Austin is preferable to the Bay Area, both in terms of the labor market for tech jobs (employees feel like bigger fish in a smaller pond), the housing market, and the general culture of the city. 

The consensus: the grass is definitely a different color - and for now, at least, it appears "very green."