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EXCLUSIVE: One Courageous Airline Stewardess Resigns Rather than Enforce Passenger Mask..

• By Joe Hoft

Here is what Theresa Mullins shared with us about her decision to refuse to enforce barbaric mask mandates on her airline.  Ms. Mullins begins by stating that she quit her excellent flight attendant job because of the passenger mask mandates:

I was a career crew member that flew for the experience.  I loved it.  But then my airline mandated masks for the passengers at the beginning of July 2020.   I had great hope that the mask mandate would be temporary.

In July 2020, I had been on a voluntary leave, at first because of the convenience offered by the company.  I was disappointed and offended for the airline's mandate that began in July. "I refuse to tell anyone they must wear a mask, and this is not what my company expects of me." Voluntary leave decreased my income. I wanted to support the company so over the summer, I took the time to paint my house the colors of my airline, and started an online conservative lady's boutique, to try to earn back what I gave up.