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How to Make Big Money Renting your RV in 2021

• by Mike Wendland

It was inevitable that with RVs in such huge demand for road trips and camping vacations, the same peer-to-peer businesses would arise that came in the vacation home rental industry.

That demand has increased exponentially because of the COVID restrictions of 2020 and 2021. For no other way to vacation or getaway is as safe as RVing. RVers, as we used to say, were socially distant before it was cool.

An entire side industry has developed over the past few years: Rental companies that facilitate private RV owners who want to earn extra cash with their RVs.

Those companies – new ones are forming every day – list the RV, usually help in providing insurance, and offer marketing to promote them.

RVers get to use their RVs when they want but, when the RV is usually in storage or sitting in the driveway, they then get to earn cash by renting it out.

Some RVers,  even get to buy their RV with little out-of-pocket expenses because the rental fees more than cover their payments.