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U.S. Spy Agencies Warn of Threats From Digital Currency to AI

• by Peter Martin

The coming decades will be characterized by a mismatch between global challenges and "the ability of institutions and system to respond," according to "Global Trends 2040: A More Contested World." The result will be "greater contestation at every level" -- especially between the U.S. and China.

Read the full "Global Trends" report here.

Here are some of the trends cited in the latest edition of the report that's published every four years:

Debt pressures: National governments will have "reduced flexibility" to deal with challenges such as climate change in the face of growing debt burdens and increasingly diverse trading rules.Digital currencies: The U.S. dollar and the euro will face threats from digital currencies such as Bitcoin. "Privately issued digital currencies could add complexity to the conduct of monetary policy by reducing countries' control over their exchange rates and money supply," the report says.Climate pressure: Climate change will drive social divisions within states and exacerbate international tensions. It will worsen water insecurity as well as increase pressures for migration.Assertive China: Although the report says "no single state" will be able to dominate "all regions or domains," intensified U.S. competition with China runs through its pages.