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Elon Musk said: "SN15 Aiming to launch next week".


SpaceX Falcon Heavy beats out ULA Vulcan rocket for NASA Moon rover launch.

SpaceX adds to previous equity round, pushing Elon Musk's last raise total to nearly $1.2 billion.

SpaceX closes second billion-dollar funding round in eight months.

Elon Musk said: "SN15 Aiming to launch next week" In the Headline today.

Satrship SN15 completes Cryo Proofing, Startic fire coming soon.

SpaceX is already well underway with testing of its first majorly-upgraded version of Starship, known as Starship SN15.

The company elected to forego SN12-SN14 after successful testing of SN7.2, a test tank made from tuhe new and lighter steel that Starships will be made from starting with SN15 onward.

The remains of SN11, which exploded midair after a major anomaly caused a hard start on the landing burn, were still being cleaned from the surrounding Boca Chica, Texas, area while SN15 quickly finished stacking in the High Bay and was rolled to suborbital Pad A on April 8, 2021.