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US Code 50 Allows Biological/Chemical Testing on Civilian Population

• USC Title 50
50 USC 1520 (a)(1) says they can't test and then 50 USC 1520 (a)(2) gives a long list of exceptions... I don't remember giving my consent to be sprayed by planes (ie. chem-trails)

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Sure you did. You signed that consent form right after your fluoridation of water consent, but right before your release of all your medical records to the feds on demand without letting you know they looked. Say that is a rare blood type you have there, like Cheney's. Your heart looks healthy....

Comment by Jackson
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50 USC 1520 (a)(2) should read 50 USC 1520 (b)(1)

my mistake

Comment by William Patriot
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Now you know who & why, Ag. dept W/ Monsanto W/gov. permission.
Wonder how many variations of the homo sapiens these activities will foster ? ( if they survive long enough to change.?)