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Health Nazis Next Target: The Obese

• Mondoreb
First, drugs. Next, smoking. Now, Health Nazis have targeted the obese. Big Food joins Big Oil and Big Tobacco as the new Axis of Evil.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Response to nation
When you are starving for nutrition, your brain says eat ! When you eat crap instead of food, you will continue to injest the wrong,leading to obeseity, taking it's toll on execrise, no energy except the mouth for survival ! All because of ignorance and lack of will for knowlege.
Nuff said. Not an excuse !

Comment by mondoreb
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Be that as it may, obesity has been around throughout history--even in times of relative scarcity and before chemical companies.
My point was that obesity is being used as another excuse for more laws, regulations, taxes and control by non-elected agencies with the power to fine and jail all those who don't get on board.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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You mean it is not my fault from lack of exercise and repeated trips to the fridge? Thanks William!

Comment by William Patriot
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Get on target !
The overweight are here because of food control and manupulation by genetic engeneering through Monsanto & others in league w? Ag. Dept and food processing., not to mention the advertisement Ind. who make money lureing you to consume all sugar, or subistutes enhanced foods & drinks.
Don't forget the Leftover from scrubbers that they have introduced into our water, w/ lies about how well our teeth look.

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