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'This is not a rich person issue, this is not a NYC issue, this is an American issue':


Bari Weiss held a Zoom discussion for her substack subscribers on Tuesday

The journalist spoke to two people who this month criticized 'woke' schools

Andrew Gutmann, whose daughter is at Brearley School, wrote to other parents

Paul Rossi, who taught at Grace Church School, condemned his school's ethos

Both men expressed concern at 'totalitarian' antiracism teachings

They said freedom of thought was being stifled under 'Orwellian' policies 

A New York father who launched a crusade against his daughter's school and their 'indoctrination' of pupils has warned that the problem is nationwide, and urged other parents to speak up against the 'Orwellian' promotion of a 'woke' curriculum.

Andrew Gutmann, whose daughter attends The Brearley School, an all-girls private school in New York City, located on the Upper East Side, wrote a letter on April 13 to other parents complaining about efforts to 'brainwash' students with 'woke' philosophies rather than teaching them how to think on their own.