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Take advice from "old coots" at local market in Salt Lake City

• The BL

Over the years of daily get-togethers at Tony's, a community of senior citizens known as the "Old Coots" has established a profoundly special bond. They would spend their coffee time together discussing how to "solve the problems of the world." 

Their specialty could have ended up in the wastepaper basket, that is, until they decided it was time to move the usual coffee gatherings to a local market every Saturday when summertime hits. 

"Actually, it was more of a joke," one member of the club said. When they first started, they did not expect the booth would be able to attract many visitors, yet "and lo and behold."

"One person, then 2 persons, then 3, and then they formed a line," one member said. 

Beyond the members' first expectation, their stall has become one of the most popular attracts and people would flood to the "Old Coots" for their wisdom on nearly everything, from relationship decisions to world problems.