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US special forces can be tracked on missions in Syria using commercially available phone data-


US service members can be tracked on missions using their cell phone data 

Such data sets surfaced in 2016 when PlanetRisk, a US defense contractor, was working on a software prototype to monitor the travel of refugees

At the time, employees of the company discovered that they were able to track US military operations through data from the apps on soldiers' phones

While the data sets don't contain the names of the soldiers, it does depict their movements, which could reveal clues about an individual's identity

In some cases, devices appeared at bases like Fort Bragg in North Carolina

The data also showed soldiers at the US-run Camp Buehring in Kuwait before they later traveled to the Lafarge Cement Factory in Syria 

Devices would eventually reappear in the US and many times at private residences that were believed to be the homes of military personnel