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Heartbreaking letter lonely 90-year-old woman sent to her neighbor

•, Amy Laurence

"Would you consider to become my friend? I'm 90 years old—live alone. All my friends have passed away. I'm so lonesome and scared. Please I pray for someone " the note said.

Despite the fact that Marleen had never known Wanda, she was compelled to assist her. Wanda lived only two houses down and across the street, which was a pleasant surprise.

"Came home to this note from a lady that lives down the street from me. Makes my heart sad, but on the bright side it looks like I will be getting a new friend." Marleen shared.

The day after getting the letter, Marleen walked over to Wanda's place. Wanda's house is so silent that she believed no one lived there.

When Wanda opened the door, she appeared shocked to see Marleen, as though she hadn't expected her request for assistance to be answered.

"I hope you didn't think I was stupid for writing you, but I had to do something. Thank you so much for coming over. I've lived here for 50 years and don't know any of my neighbors, " Wanda, said during Marleen's visit.