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Worry About The Real Stuff...

•, by Bill Blain

There are plenty of positive news stories emerging as the global economy reopens, but also an increasing number of real-world tangible threats emerging. The Pandemic has affected economies from top to bottom, and many issues won't be resolved overnight. For markets the issues to consider aren't just inflation or market bubbles, but how supply chain issues and instability could continue to impact sentiment.

The ongoing Covid horrors in India, and yet more negative politics noise is dominating the new screens, but the global economy is reopening fast. Ignore the doomsters and focus on the reality… the global economy is open, and that means a host of new supply chain, logistics and market pricing crises to worry about! Yay!

This morning there is plenty of positive news. South Korea's economy posted brisk Q1 growth after a shocking 2020. The Germans have lifted their expectations for 2021 growth to 3.5% and 3.6% in 2022 on the back of recovery. (Wow, if even Europe is recovering, there must be hope.) The UK's Confederation of Industry (CBI) is ultra-positive, reporting the sharpest upturn since 2018 in sales as the British economy reopens. There is equally positive news from around the planet.

Of course, there will always be problems – like the rumours of a planned right- wing coup in France (a number of retired generals apparently hankering for a repeat of the Algeria crisis). Or how about yet more allegations of Tory Sleaze…? Yawn! (If you voted for Boris on the basis of his integrity, then more fool you..) The Biden Tax hikes are getting all kinds of attention, and could impact market sentiment – although its largely a case of outraged Libertarians disbelieving the temerity of a President daring to propose they pay their fair-share.