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Jobchain Optimizes Job Search and Salary Payment With Cryptocurrency

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And some of the major enterprises have already experienced the practice's benefits in real-world scenarios.

The Goal of Jobchain

There is nothing more appealing to crypto proponents than accessing more crypto income-generating products. Hence, the emergence of Jobchain has found a strong following amidst surging demand for digital assets. The ecosystem proposes radical solutions to the global unemployment and underemployment crises and enables a blockchain platform where employers and potential employees can network.

For Jobchain, the goal is simple: Get as many people to participate in a decentralized job economy powered by blockchain. The platform looks to remove all forms of barriers and offer job seekers added protection against a rigged and centralized system.

But the most notable detail about this project is probably how it strips away cross-border restrictions for job-seekers. According to Jose Bay, the founder and CEO of Jobchain, job seekers only have to submit their details, including experience and education, in a decentralized database insusceptible to hacks. Profiles are readily available to potential employers who could choose to sort talents according to availability, location, and compensation level.