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The sales of pro-Trump Covfefe coffee increased by nearly 8,000% after Chase Bank canceled...

•, Anna Aniston

Chase Bank had barred Covfefe Coffee, a pro-Trump coffee company established in 2018, from using their WePay payment processor, National File announced at the beginning of February.

The America First company had been using Chase's payment processor for "one or more of the activities prohibited by their Terms of Service," according to Chase. The National File enquired as to what Covfefe Coffee had done to warrant this decision, but got no response.

Covfefe Coffee's representative told National File at the time that they thought Chase Bank had canceled their account for political reasons; Chase went after them because they supported Trump.

The spokesman said, "The social credit system that is talked about in China, which conservatives say one day it's coming here, no."

"We already have it," the spokesman added.