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US army ‘stretched thin’ by Iraq war

• Financial Times
The Iraq war has strained the US military to the extent that America could not fight another large-scale war today, according to a new survey of military officers. Nine in 10 officers said the war had stretched the ­military “dangerously thin”.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Told you before, this government of new world order is doing this for the purpose of eleminating our military, obvious. Look at the evedince, Extended tours in a depleted uranium waste dump, subjected to illegal use of cs gas, not taking care of disabled vets after their return, Deformed babies from returning vets who have been given too many diffrent kinds of vaccines which were outdated to start with and unnessary.
VA refusing benefits on the premise of mental defects prior to service, which is bull, because they passed physicals when accepted..Refusal of bonuses because they were discharged a day early so they could not collect. Receiving bills for equipment and meals purchased from Hallaburton while in battle zones. I could go on & on.
This government is made up of traitors.
X USMC Korean conflict as Truman put it .!
nuff said, search for more on net if you got the stomach for it !