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Myspace Tom got it right

•, By Luke Winkie

Two days after the DC insurrection, as the country was still processing the aftermath, MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson posted his second tweet of the past three years. Anderson attached the thinking emoji to an amateurish Photoshop render of Donald Trump, sitting in one of his typically garish offices, with his browser opened to Myspace. "'MYSPACE TOM' ABOUT TO GET A NEW FRIEND," reads the caption, saliently predicting that with the entire internet industry mobilizing to hastily deplatform the president, Trump's only access to the public might come from a long-zombified social media company. Anderson must've found the meme funny enough to log back on, disrupting a truly unprecedented offline streak for the average tech mogul. He disappeared again shortly afterward, withdrawing into the ocean of enviable vacation photos that have been left to fossilize on his few remaining social feeds.