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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai discusses the molecular systems science of Masks and Oral Health

• Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai

-Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives a PowerPoint Systems Analysis done by CytoSolve® on How Masks Affect the Oral Microbiome.

-Masks started in the medieval era, where masks had beaks and they were called "Beak Doctors" earliest documented use is the 17th century where they filled the beaks with cloves & cinnamon to protect from the blight airborne miasma.

-Modern era masks started with the origin of Germ Theory and in the 1890s they gained popularity in the medical community with surgical masks appearing in operating rooms in 1920's but initially only used by nurses and interns, Not doctors.

-Surgical and Cloth Masks are shown to be ineffective while dentists are reporting an explosion in inflammation of people's gums that have always been healthy and cavities with people who have never had them before.

-Wearing masks affect the Oral Microbiome creating a micro-environment and by it encouraging mouth breathing & temperature increase, which leads to low saliva flow and pH acidity imbalance. Resulting in harmful bacteria growth, lowers good bacteria, compromising oral health and immune health.

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