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Incredible moment HUNDREDS of dolphins gather to devour shoal of fish...


This is the incredible moment hundreds of dolphins formed a superpod to devour a shoal of fish - before being gatecrashed by three humpback whales in front of two stunned fishermen.  

Kade Tame, 26, and brother Devon, 28, from Cape Town, South Africa, were fishing just off Fish Hoek in False Bay when they saw the blue sea in the distance unexpectedly turn into a choppy white froth.

The brothers were casting bait out of their fishing boat Wizard when they instead decided to reel in and motor towards the commotion about a mile away out of curiosity.

But to their complete surprise, they came across hundreds of dolphins forming two separate superpods and swimming in circles in a bid to capture and feed on a shoal of fish.

Incredible footage taken by the brothers shows the majestic dolphins leaping in and out of the choppy waters before amazingly being joined by three humpback whales.