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Small Quadruped Humanoids Observed Along Dark Northern Wisconsin Country Road

• arclein
This would be fine, but then we entered this specific area on the highway. I'm a pretty level-headed person. I don't scare easily. When we entered this area I felt nothing but pure terror. We were surrounded by nothing but woods and I felt like I was being hunted. There were these garbage bags on the side of the road. The first garbage bag was on the left side of the road. I pointed it out to my boyfriend and he said that someone probably dumped it there so they wouldn't have to pay for garbage pickup. I believe him, until we came upon two more garbage bags a couple miles down the road. They were on opposite sides of the road, equal lengths apart. I shrugged it off. Then equal distances away there were two more garbage bags. This continued for the remainder of the stretch of the road until the end, where there was a single garbage bag, now on the right.

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