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China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions…of the ENTIRE WORLD

• Organic Prepper - Robert Wheeler

Leaked Chinese government documents obtained by the Epoch Times reveal Chinese leader Xi Xinping has set out to control the entirety of the Internet. In doing so, they would displace the current status of the United States in that regard. According to the documents, Xinping personally directed this effort.

Chinese leader wants to take the "Ruler of the Internet Crown" from the U.S.

In a January 2017 speech, Xi said the "power to control the internet" had become the "new focal point of [China's] national strategic contest" and singled out the U.S. as the "rival force" that stands in the way of China's ambitions.

According to the Epoch Times, the ultimate goal is for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control all the content on the global Internet. With that power, the Chinese government can wield what Xi described as "discourse power" over communications discussions worldwide.