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Colombia: George Soros relies on violent riots to advance his globalist agenda

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Soros has influenced activities to destabilize the country's legal institutions for nearly 30 years and there are signs pointing in the direction of his protégé, Senator Gustavo Petro, according to Colombian journalist Vanessa Vallejo in one of her tweets on May 6. 

The violent marches in Colombia have already left several dead, 540 police officers injured, 21 police stations destroyed, 43 others severely damaged, numerous small businesses looted and vandalized, and much more damage to public property.

Causes of the violent demonstrations

Although the protests were sparked by attempts from the government of President Iván Duque to impose an unsustainable tax reform, and another health reform also detrimental to Colombians, the discontent is being exploited by Petro to seize power, suggests Vallejo.