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Melinda Gates 'furious' after meeting with Jeffrey Epstein

• by Dawn Barlowe

he sources close to the couple said Mrs. Gates was "furious" at her husband for meeting with Epstein and remains "haunted" by the experience.

Friends of the couple told the Daily Beast that Melinda is still plagued by her experience with Epstein, who had been accused of molesting underage girls for years and allegedly killed himself in 2019 while being held on sex trafficking charges in Manhattan.

However, it is unclear if Melinda was shocked by Epstein's previous prosecution or simply disliked his personality.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Gates attended a social gathering at Epstein's Manhattan mansion in 2011. According to the newspaper, the pair had met several times between 2011 and 201r, including during a flight on Epstein's private plane, called the "Lolita Express," from New Jersey to Palm Beach, Florida in 2013.