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The American Multicultural State Is Collapsing

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Chauvin is the victim of many years of media emphasis on police brutality against black Americans.

According to reports, US police, or many of them including those in Minnesota, were trained by Israeli firms.  This is the worst possible choice.  In Israel, police are used to brutalize and murder Palestinians.  The emphasis is on the value and importance of the police officer's life, not the Palestinian's.  It is training that guarantees excessive police force.

Officer Chauvin was convicted largely because of the influence over the years of national media reports of police shootings of black Americans.  As the larger number of police shootings of white Americans was ignored, the reporting gave the police a racist hue.  In other words, the presstitutes with their one-sided reporting turned a training problem into a racist problem.  This made it easy for the presstitutes to use a misleading video suffering from camera perspective bias to turn Chauvin into a white racist who murdered black Floyd by depriving him of oxygen.

Indeed, the jury was so pre-convinced of Chauvin's racism that the evidence presented in court of his innocence had no effect.

The failure of Democrat city administrations to understand the situation resulted in the burning and looting of their business districts and the belief among the "peaceful protesters" that they are not accountable to law.  Getting back from here is not going to be easy.  Many residents of Democrat cities have realized this and are fleeing the cities.  Unfortunately for those of us more sensibly located, they will bring their destructive liberal beliefs into our communities and destroy us as well.  I wish Florida's governor would ban white liberal Americans from relocating in Florida. Perhaps we could put out the story that the Black Plague is raging and that would keep them way.