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Parents in America's wealthiest county launch campaign ad to recall Virginia school...


Parents in America's wealthiest suburb have released a campaign ad to oust members of a Virginia school district board after it pledged to push Critical Race Theory onto their children. 

On Tuesday, 'Fight for Our Schools' - a group made up of dozens of parents from the wealthy enclave, where the median household income is $142,299 - released the campaign ad on Twitter

It starts with a voiceover that says after a year where parents and students struggled with school closures and distance learning, the Loudoun County school board put their focus on 'infecting our schools with critical race theory'.

It accuses board members of 'plotting war' against parents who oppose it, and for labelling them as racists in a Facebook group. Loudoun County Sheriff's office is investigating various allegations of harassment between opponents and supporters of CRT in the community's public schools.  

Critical Race Theory (CRT) asserts that 'institutions are inherently racist and that race itself... is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color', according to Texas A&M University professor Tommy Curry.   

Numerous public and private schools across the US have recently opted to incorporate CRT into their teachings, but the decision has sparked fierce debate.

While Loudoun County Public Schools have not officially made it compulsory to use CRT in their classrooms, they have pledged to push for 'equity' and have started using many CRT 'buzzwords and concepts'.