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New Tech Makes Perishable Food Last For Months Without a Fridge, Helping Farmers and the Planet

•, By Andy Corbley

Poised to cut down on the millions of tons of food waste worldwide, it also has the potential to transform agriculture in developing countries where refrigerated shipping containers and trains are rare or expensive.

Have you ever wondered why we don't devote more cropland to growing fruits and vegetables instead of grain since they're much more nutritious? The reason is food spoilage, a problem that costs $14 billion in waste in India alone.

As soon as a harvest is reaped, a clock begins to tick until oxygen damage and bacteria render a product inedible. Farther Farms' proprietary CO2 pasteurization technology is a simple fix that can prolong packaged foods' shelf life in room temperature past 90 days.

Their first demonstration, French fries, would normally need to be frozen to survive trips between production facilities and supermarkets. They can't be pasteurized like other goods, since the rapid heating with steam would turn them into mush.