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Home gardening tips: How to start a survival orchard

•, by: Zoey Sky

If you have more space on your property, you should also consider starting a survival orchard. Within several years, you can harvest fresh fruits free from pesticides. (h/t to

Why start a survival orchard?
If you already have a home garden, do you also need a survival orchard in your homestead?

While they require more time and effort compared to other crops, fruit and nut trees are perennials that provide you with food within two to seven years, depending on whether you plant seedlings or trees that are already several years old.

Having a survival orchard along with a home garden means you have one less thing to worry about when SHTF. And even if things don't go wrong, you can sell excess crops to earn more money for your expenses.

And compared to vegetables and grain crops that must be planted annually from seed you buy or save from a previous harvest, orchards with fruit and nut trees only need to be planted once. Trees also bear fruit annually or on a regular cycle, and they only require little effort to maintain once they've matured.

Fruit and nut trees also add diversity to your family's diet because they're rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients that boost your overall health. You can preserve veggies from your garden and fruits from your orchard, ensuring you can eat nutritious foods even during winter.