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Where to Get Expert Advice for an Uncertain Future

•, by Daisy Luther

We've been locked down and our businesses closed.

Many, many people have lost their livelihoods and been forced to rely on paltry government handouts
We've been isolated from our loved ones
People are dying alone, surrounded by strangers
Women are giving birth the same way
Health choices are becoming mandated
A "papers please" society is looming
People are being shamed for the personal medical choices (What HIPPA?)
Our economy is buckling under the pressure
The supply chain has demonstrated how incredibly fragile it is
The education system is crumbling
Our infrastructure has been proven more than once to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks
The US government is not showing strong leadership in the world arena
The healthcare system is overwhelmed and a lot of people are missing essential treatment due to to the fear of Covid
We're facing a mental health crisis of epic proportions
Americans are being turned against one another, us vs. them, politically, with regard to health, and racially
Cities have been burning for over a year now and it shows no sign of stopping
Things are not looking good.

Everybody keeps optimistically talking about "getting back to normal" or even worse, the "new normal," like it's happening tomorrow. Meanwhile, to those of us who are truly paying attention and seeing things as they are, the actual situation is not really looking better.

What do we do now?
The writers here at The OP and I have written reams on handling the current, slow-burning SHTF we're facing, and it's great advice, but it's not enough. Things are just too big right now to rely on anyone less than the utmost experts in other fields than survival and preparedness.