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Vaccine passports: a potentially ominous move that may have been planned all along

•, Laura Enrione

Vaccine passports have been the subject of heated discussions worldwide. Such certificates are meant to represent an individual's immunity to coronavirus by proving their vaccinated status. A person will be allowed to attend specific business and international travel with this passport.

Governments and several officials praise the certificate's necessity to restoring tourism, saving the economy, and still tracking COVID-19's movement and fighting against its spread. 

Others expressed concern for those not vaccinated, as they feel they may be discriminated against.

"The certificate cannot be a precondition for free movement as this is a fundamental right in the European Union, and it cannot lead to discrimination against those individuals who do not hold one. Citizens' data must be safe, and only necessary data should be included in the certificate," Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee, commented on the EU's consideration.