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Physicist and Nuclear Cardiologist: Covid-19 and the Covid Shots are Man-Made Bio-Weapons

• By Ginny Garner

 Dr. Mengele is rolling over in his grave wondering why he couldn't have the capacity to do this type of human manipulation."
– Physicist and Nuclear Cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming

Del Bigtree, host of the weekly investigative news program The High Wire, conducted a powerful interview with Dr. Fleming on May 13. After the interview Del, who always uses caution in his reporting, said The High Wire would no longer consider the possibility that Covid-19 could be a natural occurrence wherein a bat transferred the virus to humans at a wet market in China. Del firmly concluded The High Wire would take the position that Covid-19 is a man-made bio-weapon.

Dr. Fleming has been pro-vaccine throughout his career but he knows the covid shots are not vaccines. A summary of his conclusions: