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Machiavelli - Mexican Drug Cartels - AND, an Instant End to Violent Globalist Revolution in Amer

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It is a simple task but, first understand this.

Movie Clip – The Untouchables – "the Chicago Way" (IPFS link)

Now that we have shook hands. I will explain….

Machiavelli, the Mexican Drug Cartels, and the Globalist all share a clear understanding of how to win. Our greater numbers mean nothing without this same knowledge and understanding.

Until you come to accept that all of media is designed to obscure your enemy from sight, and distract your focus from your own freedom. You are hopelessly enslaved.

Once you understand this, the causes and effects ruling life today are easy to understand.

There is a very small class of people who can print money into existence. By that power alone dictate all ownership and governance. It is a power we have willingly relinquished in our minds. A power these very few people have leveraged against your lives for generations now. It is so engrained in societies of the world, that it is nearly impossible to consider the simplicity of a final solution to curing its elemental injustice for all time.