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Lone Gunmen TV Episode Predicted 911. Video


The Armed Forces Institute of  said there was no Arab DNA on the plane that was alleged to have struck the Pentagon on 911. This TV show was a spin off of the X-Files series.

The parent show X-Files was a favorite of FBI and CIA operatives. They used to hang out on the set and suggest scripts. They suggested the pilot episode of the Lone Gunmen before George Bush was elected. Alan Greenspan cut money supply growth and dampened the economy so the Republicans would have a better chance of winning the elections in 2000.

Ignorant people loved Clinton because the world was awash in FED money and the stock and real estate markets were reaching for the stars. My point is that the Presidency did not matter to the 911 plotters. What did matter was Israel. 911 was the best thing that ever happened to Israel. America spent nearly $7 trillion dollars killing more than a million enemies of Israel's land grabs and displacing somewhere around 37 million people. The list of potential enemies of Israel must include the 315 million people living on the land from the Nile to the Euphrates which the Israelis claim as theirs.