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As I Warned: RNA Gold Rush; New Genetic Products in the Pipeline

•, By Jon Rappoport

This shot-in-the-arm gene treatment should be seen AS AN EXTENSION of genetic research into altering humans.

Because that's what it is.

The field of gene research includes "creating better humans" and eugenics.

Eugenics involves what American Rockefeller and Nazi researchers were setting up: depopulation; population control; selecting out "superior genetic strains" for survival.

William Engdahl and Dr. Peter Breggin have done excellent historical analysis of the eugenics movement. [1] [1a] [1b] [2] [2a]

Another point: In recent articles, I've pointed out that ALL genetic research—beyond its motives—is also fraught with unintended ripple-effect consequences. Never believe that the targets and the consequences can be contained. [3] [4]

For example, the notion that the COVID shot will do nothing more than force cells of the body to produce one protein is absurd. It's on the level of saying, "During rush hour, on the most crowded high-speed highway in the world, we can engineer a two-car crash that will only result in two minor fender-benders…" [4]

Both short and long-term effects of the COVID shot are unknown and unpredictable.

The perpetrators of the COVID RNA shot are criminally insane.

And with that…on to the MONEY.

Bring on the angels and trumpets. Bring on the cash.

A year ago I told you COVID vaccine-testing was rocketing ahead, because Bill Gates, the Rockefeller institute, NIH, the manufacturers, and Fauci saw the light at the end of the tunnel— [5]