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Skills I Never Expected I'd Have to Learn

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

As preppers we try to teach others the skills they need to be more self-reliant. Even the most self-sustained preppers out there know that knowledge is the most valuable preparedness tool there is.

During these couple of years that I've been (almost) on my own I had to learn skills I never expected I'd have to learn. Some of them very interesting. Like dehydrating food. And other skills, like sewing. (Ugh) Those readers who follow writings of my (or ours, kiddo and mine)  " adventure" know that I'm not precisely skillful with my hands.   

Here are the skills I never expected I'd have to learn.

Dehydrating Staples

You may ask why dehydrating was a "needed skill." Remember, I don't have a fridge. We need to have some means to preserve meat and have proteins for a few days. Canned fish is awful here. Besides, they have all the fresh fish they want! Canned poultry and meat are much worse. (Red meat is hyper-expensive).

After trying a few recipes, I found the exact one to provide a tastier and long-lasting product. I could buy it in the market, but I am suspicious of the sanitation of the place. With all the small shops closed on Sundays (the day I use to have some red meat at lunch!), the need to learn was evident. 

The temptation to prepare powdered eggs is there, but I don't want to use up my gas bottle. Getting a new one will open a hole in my pocket. We should be heading home in a short while, so there's no need to spend that money. Meals cooked with dehydrated vegetables are pretty tasty! Dry fruits are excellent for "Merenda" (in Italian) or snacks in the afternoons.