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Needling on Their Sleeves?

• by Eric

Almost everywhere, we're seeing less Rag wearing. The whys are one question – dealt with here.

It's what's next that will be dealt with, here.

Already, we can see where this is headed. In many of the areas where Holy Rag wearing is no longer required it actually still is required. The "mandates" regarding the Holy Rag have been lifted . . . for those who've received the Holy Jab. If not, the Rag must still be worn.

Right now, anyone who wants to can remove their Rag and enter within. The presumption being they've received their Anointing, are "of the body."

Of course, some have not received their Anointing – and simply going about their normal again. The same Sane Minority ho never wore the Holy Rag; but there are also probably many others who did wear it but aren't going to get the Jab. Perhaps because you can't take off the Jab.