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The Big Lie and the Small Truth

• by Eric

It is the small kernel of truth that makes the lie succeed.

Consider the 'Rona. A small kernel of truth – some people were getting sick – used to propagate the lie that everyone was at risk of getting dead. Unless, of course, they accepted a one-size-fits-all regime of "lockdowns" and "practiced" patently silly (and incredibly dehumanizing) sickness kabuki, including the wearing of something over their faces – it didn't matter whether it served any medical purpose – so long as people turned themselves into NPC people by effacing their faces.

It succeeded.

America became a kind of sickness gulag. Millions of people have been turned into possibly permanently damaged weaponized hypochondriacs, obsessed with sickness and death – because of a concerted, deliberate campaign of mass hysteria intended to create the impression of mass death impending. All of it premised on the nugget of truth that some people were dying  . . . almost all of them people already dying from other things, such as old age and cardiac/respiratory problems, possibly pushed over the edge by the 'Rona.

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