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How to Keep Your Children Safe from Predators

•, by Chloe Morgan

However, this world is full of predators and people looking to kidnap children for various reasons. Most days, we don't think about it. But, it is a terrifying thought when we do. A few years ago, we shared a video about just how easily a child abduction can happen featuring children whose parents thought they knew the importance of stranger danger. It was an eye-opener.

To help decrease the risk of kidnapping, here are some tips on ways to help your children prepare and be more aware of their surroundings.

The Statistics

According to the NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics results from 2020:

543,028 kidnappings occurred last year

Approximately 67% of those kidnapped were children under the age of 17

In most cases, when a child is kidnapped, it is by someone they already know. There are, however, many cases where someone tries to abduct a child they do not know. And they will sometimes get away with it, which is truly tragic.