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• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news once again of the Wuhan Lab bioweapon controversy blowing up all over the media as Fauci suddenly claims he's "not convinced" the virus was formed naturally. Really? Because we got our channel taken down for saying that as early as February of 2020.
Now that this story is all over the news, it is clear that they are attempting to manipulate the truth (as it is impossible to hold back) in order to still fit their own narrative in some way. The virus has never to this day been isolated from a single human. Only viral monkey kidney cells. So now they're utilizing a story we reported on over a year ago and were called "fake news" for to manipulate the bioweapon story to appear as though it was accidental as the cat comes out of the bag.
The truth is, the bioweapon which Fauci helped fund failed. The establishments of the world used PCRs to make people believe they were sick with something they were not sick with. This was then used to enslave most of humanity and now that the bioweapon story is coming out, they have to jump on it to make it look like an accident. All of it is so fitting.