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•, By eric

It is Memorial Day weekend and the official beginning of summer. But fall – and winter – are only four months away from now. What will happen then, if a "new variant" of the 'Rona appears? And those who've been Jabbed begin to get sick and even die from it – their Jab having rendered them as vulnerable to the "new variants" as emphysematic 80-year-olds were to the Original 'Rona?

This could happen.

We know what happened, at any rate. All it took was "the cases! the cases!" – of hugely sketchy positive tests, breathlessly "reported" every 15 minutes – to cause a wave of health paranoia to sweep across the country that made the '50s-era Red Scare seem like the nothingburger it was in comparison. People got blackisted – but no one was locked down. Weird obedience rituals were not imposed as the condition of being allowed to enter stores to buy food.