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The Arrogance of One Size Fits All

• by Eric

Example: It would have saved the lives of the several children who've died (so far) shortly after being injected with whatever's in those Needles by not injecting them with it. It may save many thousands more young lives by not risking their lives by injecting them with an experimental substance that – at best – may provide some degree of protection against a sickness that does not threaten almost any of them.

The same goes for the majority of the otherwise-healthy population, which is at only slightly higher risk than almost no risk.

Not to mention the large portion of the population that got the bug – and got over it. They are now probably less at risk of getting sick again than those who got the Jab with whatever's in it. Needling those with immunity amounts to the same as putting a fur coat on a Golden Retriever in the summertime, to "keep him warm."