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Funding Your Own Enslavement, the Curse of Liberty Ignored - Part Two

• The Burning Platform

Guest Post by The Ghost of Matthew Lyon

The Scourge Of Aristocracy and Repository of Important Political Truth – Fair Haven, Vermont

With unchallenged control of the money comes power. To maintain this power information must be controlled. Trust derived from information control is the foundation of the entire operation.

We are seeing that battle playing out now.  Those who understand freedom are aligned against a foe with unlimited monetary resources and essential control over the force of government, media, and business in nearly all their forms.

What they don't yet totally control is your mind and the future innovation of you and your neighbors.

True innovation kills capital and destroy monopolies as surely as it can help humanity. Some grad students provably showed a way to use existing nuclear waste to power the world. Their early published results were quickly and publically downgraded. They now have a board stacked by oligarchs. Have "awards" from the World Economic Forum and are making videos about failure (watch Leslie's face).

When a lone researcher discovered a promising single cure for all viral infections he quickly found he was unable to move his research forward. Treatments are more profitable than cures. Destroying the cold medicine market alone would be unacceptable capital loss and future profit reduction to established interest and, certainly subject to this same suppression.